OhmDB - The Irresistible RDBMS + NoSQL Database for Java - Running in Your JVM - Apache Licensed

Add it to your project as Maven dependency:


Add this code to your project and run it:

import com.ohmdb.api.*;

class Person { public String name; public int age; }

public class Main {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      Db db = Ohm.db("ohm.db");
      Table<Person> persons = db.table(Person.class);
      Person $p = persons.queryHelper();

      Person p1 = new Person();
      p1.name = "Niko";
      p1.age = 30;
      long id = persons.insert(p1);
      Person p2 = persons.get(id);

      Person[] adults = persons.where($p.age).gte(18).get();


OhmDB vs RDBMS vs NoSQL - No Silver Bullet!

Data complexity Unlimited Unlimited Limited
Relations Graph-based Yes Graph-based or none
JOINS Fast Slow Fast or none
Transactions ACID ACID Limited
Schema Strict Strict Flexible
Schema migration Automatic Manual Automatic
Agile-friendly Yes No Yes
Data capacity Limited to RAM Unlimited Unlimited
Scale Up Yes Yes Yes
Replication Not yet Yes Yes
Partitioning Not yet Yes Yes

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