Why does OhmDB exist?

To give the Java developers the best of both RDBMS and NoSQL worlds - in a JAR.

Who created OhmDB?

OhmDB is being developed by Nikolche Mihajlovski.

How serious is OhmDB?

OhmDB is a serious project, it's sole purpose is to provide a real value to the Java software industry.

How mature is OhmDB?

OhmDB is being developed and tested from early 2013 and it's already mature. Nevertheless, there are some corner cases that need to be polished.

Is OhmDB open-source?

Yes, OhmDB is open-source, released under the liberal Apache Public License v2, so it is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

What about support?

For community support visit the OhmDB Google Group. Commercial support is available upon request!